Professionals Training Professionals

So what happens when life gets in the way?

Take the student who was more than halfway through the program when they had a family member become ill.  They were allowed to withdraw from the program and then re-enroll two classes later and complete the program.  There were no additional charges and they went on to complete the program successfully.  

Another student asked to withdraw for personnel reasons but indicated they would like to be able to continue at some point. They withdrew and joined a later class.  They also were very successful.  

Some of our students have had issues arise that get in the way of school.  We have helped them work it out.

Our best laid plans can be derailed when life gets in the way! We will work with you to help you succeed as long as you are committed to the work, then so are we.  We won’t twist your arm, the amount of effort you put in is up to you!  If it is just a glitch and you need another week or two for an assignment or quiz, you have to communicate that to us.  In that way we can work with you!

If it sounds repetitive that's good!  We will and want to work with you!!!